Business Solutions


iEnterprise product suite called “MYSTICS” provides end-to-end business functionalities to meet the most demanding business requirements. It is being used in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and finance including insurance.

  • Fully Integrated

    Rapid Information Processing Sharing, Management and Operation Decisions Supported by Facts

  • Multi-Company and Multi-Currency

    The ability to view management information across multiple companies and handle foreign currency transactions

  • Proven

    Large Installed Base and Built Upon Reliable and Proven Technology

  • Own Source Code

    Can Be Customized to Map Against Customer’s Business Processes


  • Financial (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cashbook, Fixed Asset, Capitalization in Progress and GST)
  • Distribution (Sales, Sales Rebate, Purchasing, Inventory)
  • Manufacturing (Bill of Material, Routing, Shop Floor Control, Light Manufacturing, etc)
  • Portals (Distributor, Transporter) – for Cement
  • Integration to Plant Batching (Alkon) – for Concrete
  • Barcode scanning apps


  • Funds Management
    Manage the allocation of funds for investments
  • Fixed Deposits
    Manage Fixed Deposits
  • Money Market
    Manage commercial papers (REPO, Fixed Income, Bonds, MGS, PDS, etc)
  • Foreign Exchange
    Tracks and manages foreign currencies, receipts and payment
  • Corporate Finance
    Tracks corporate borrowings (hire purchases, loans, etc)


  • Guarantee Information System
    To administer the loan guarantees accounts.
  • CBGC / Billing Management
    Handles the billing for guarantee fees and issuance of loan guarantees.
  • Loans Monitoring Module
    To monitor the health and performance of loan guarantees.
  • Non Performing Loan Module & Provision
    To track the non performing loan and the accounting provision.
  • Claims Management Module
    To process the claims lodged (workflow) by the financial institution for subrogated or non performing loans. Also does reversal of accounting provisions made earlier.
  • Subrogation and Recovery Module
    To monitor and mange the recovery of accounts which has defaulted and claim paid.
  • Direct Lending Module
    To subrogate (take over) a loan from the financial institution and administration of the subrogated loans.
  • Contract Financing Module
    To handle and manage the whole lifecycle of the Islamic Contract Financing account offered.
  • Biz (Islamic) Financing Module
    To handle and manage the whole lifecycle of the Islamic Financing account offered.
  • CCRIS Reporting Module
    Generates the CCRIS SDIS files from the Back Office System accounts for BNM.


  • Members Module
    Handles the on-boarding of new members. Setup of initial deposit accounts. Also handles termination of members. Consolidated view of all accounts (loans, deposits and collections). Handling of share certificates.
  • Loans Module
    Support for various types of loans including personal loans, surety loans (with guarantors) and Islamic loans. Support credit evaluation process through information of total exposure to the member. Takes into account current and projected balances (pending billing records). Various type of interest calculation options.
  • Deposit Module
    Support for various types of deposit accounts including subscription accounts, dividend accounts, SBK accounts, Share accounts.
  • Collection Module
    This module is to allow cooperatives to collect monies on behalf of 3rd parties or related companies. Manages the setting up of these collection accounts and the commissions for collecting on behalf of these 3rd parties.
  • Billings Module
    Creates billing files for all members to be sent to the members employer (usually a large corporate such as Tenaga National). Support for multiple billing groups (e.g. different files for executives and non-executives). Handling of updates to the various account types once the billing files are received back from the employer. Full or part deductions are supported.
  • Others
    – Integrated to MYSTICS financial.
    – Members Portal to allow members to check on status.