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iEnterprise is the Rootstock Implementation Partner

Rootstock Software®, backed by four decades of manufacturing experience, has been on the forefront of providing cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions for the age of personalization. Rootstock enables manufacturers and distributors to seamlessly cut costs, improve processes, and increase revenue with minimal IT infrastructure investment. Rootstock Cloud ERP provides the technology that manufacturers need to satisfy demanding customers with an on-demand ERP solution is available for companies of all types and sizes.

Why Rootstock?

Rootstock features


Real-time Manager
Manage your manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations from front to back, anytime, anywhere in real-time.

Single System
Manufacturers and distributors only need to use one system to handle multiple sites and services – while maintaining visibility across global operations.

Improved Productivity
Increase operational speed and provide personalized service with the flexibility to accommodate any workflow, implement social collaboration, add new capabilities and quickly address changing requirements.

Better and More Reliable
Plan and execute required activities

Extensive Accounting
Closely monitor and control manufacturing costs, including the ability to use either standard costing or moving average costing method for valuing inventory and computing cost of goods sold.

Elevate Total Performance
Leverage the gained control and visibility Rootstock offers to take your business to new heights.

Build For Salesforce
Leverage the connectivity, mobile, social, workflow and analytics capabilities of the Salesforce Platform. Build, configure and deploy new applications on the Salesforce Platform quickly.

Seamlessly Integration
With Salesforce CRM out of the box, businesses can view the complete customer life cycle from the time of inquiry, through sales, production, delivery, payment and repair.


Warehouse & Wholesale Distribution


Logistics & Transportation

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